HELP: Posting Images

Our hosting bandwidth is extremely limited, and many of our users are on bandwidth limited connections as well. To help everyone out, uploading thumbnails to the forum rather than uploading full-size images saves us money, makes the forum load faster, and helps it to load for users who otherwise wouldn’t normally be able to browse it.

Some image hosting sites we recommend include:

But there are probably countless more out there, so pick your favourite and have fun. These types of sites — by their very nature — also work well for hosting images on other places, such as your SpaceHey and Neocities pages, should you happen to have any.

If you would like a more detailed video explanation, I have one over on my YouTube channel as well.

Here’s some example images below. Notice how they are small images, and have links on them that point out to the full image. Again, if you need a more detailed explanation, I have it in video form with captions.

FYI: The image of peppers below is a bit big (2.4 MB). The succulents are nice and small though!



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